Training courses 2016-2017: How to apply

Federazione Culturale Europaclub At “Sapienza” University – Rome – IT  F.C. “Europaclub”-

Codice fiscale/ fiscal code  97290580584 / PIC 946820784

Via F. Ferraironi 45 – K10 – Tel. +39.06.2415460  – 00177 Roma

  • Title of KA1 Course:


  • Our two training courses for Directors, training managers, Adults, Youth, Teachers …etc.


1) Eurodidaweb + 2) E-learning :

2016 04/07 – 08/07 – Eurodidaweb / July 2016 25/07 – 29/07 – E-learning / July 2016
21/11 – 25/11 – Eurodidaweb / November 2016 12/12 – 16/12 – E-learning / December 2016
2017 10/07 – 14/07 – Eurodidaweb / July 2017 24/07 – 28/07 – E-learning / July 2017


  • Please contact us if you want to attend our courses at “Sapienza” University – ROME –IT – and we will send you a pre-registration form.



  • Prof. Alberto Pigliacelli –
    • Mariangela Scaglia –
    • Marco Luca Pigliacelli –

Internet homepages:  –

Tel.: +39.06.49697041 +39. 06 49913407 +39.06.2415460 – fax +39.06.4450740

Project proposal to your National Agency: Please, your information as soon as possible.

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  5. Your desires or any messages
  • Choose the course and the date, please.
  • Number of potential participants:


  • 5 day training course: Monday / Friday / € 350,00 – With learning materials, Certificates / Europass.
  • Our training courses have achieved much success in recent years.
  • The courses will take place with at least 10 registered participants
  • The program will propose hotels for accommodation in special prizes for the participants or you can freely choose where to stay..


  • The Cultural Association *C. “EUROPACLUB*, non-profit, has prevalently organized  training courses, meetings,  seminars and conferences in the City of Rome, Frosinone, Veroli, Lazio and in other regions.  More specifically, it has instituted training courses for students and adults on the Euro and European citizenship, conferences of international nature and surrounding areas. The F.C. “EUROPACLUB Association has organized above all many meetings for Canada, Australia, formation courses, seminars and conferences for immigrants. The F.C. “EUROPACLUB Association has organized a week of European Conferences  in order to formalize the twin relationship among European cities. It has already done numerous events concerning cultural themes, recreational and musical events and cooperation between local and regional Public Bodies. The Association has cooperated with other public Associations, AICCRE (Association of Italian Municipalities) and MFE (European Federalist Movement) on European themes for the diffusion of the Socrates/Comenius (1,2,3), Leonardo, Lingua projects exchange of students and language in the citizen schools and centralized projects with many European Universities (including the University of Rome where it has operational headquarters) and other European partners. It has coordinated many Comenius, Grundtvig projects, Archeology, I.C.T. Art Courses.  The President, as a  teacher in public schools in Italy and Germany (Frankfurt/M), was many times President of state exams in several Italian Cities. It has legally been entitled by the National Agency as organizer for European Teachers and Adults of training courses included in the database COMENIUS/GRUNDTVIG at La “Sapienza” University and other Schools of Rome. It has gained a lot of experience in these sectors since the beginning of European cultural and educational institutions of various European projects to the current Erasmus +.